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Going to bed with wet hair bad for your health. Really ?
Posted 06 Sep 2017 11:10 AM


We've all done it - rushed to get our hair washed before bed and run out of time to dry it.

But is it dangerous hitting the sack with wet locks? Or is that just an old wives' tale? We spoke to some of the U.K.'s top hair experts to investigate the truth of the matter.

"Going to bed with wet hair is bad for the health of your hair," Philip Bell, artistic director at ISHOKA Hair and Beauty, told Cover Media. "When your hair is wet, it's in a more delicate state and you need to take extra care of it.

"You should never tug your hair or brush it too harshly whilst it's wet as your hair as this can be extremely damaging and with this being said, you should not be tossing and turning in bed either, as your hair can knot as you are turning in your sleep."

Philip advises investing in a silk pillowcase if you are unable to dry your hair before bed, "As these will not catch the hair like other traditional pillowcase fabrics".

And it's not just hair health that can be affected - you can also increase the chance of getting headaches if you hit the hay with wet tresses.

"Headaches can also be caused by going to bed with wet hair as when you sleep your body temperature rises and if you have your wet hair in a towel, the moisture created in the towel can cause bad headaches," Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing, stated.

If you suffer from dandruff, you should also avoid going to bed with wet hair, as Karen Thomson, owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa, explained.

"Sleeping on wet hair can cause dandruff, due to the damp, warm pillowcase being in contact with your head every night for a long period of time and from your hair drying unevenly," she said. "If you already have dandruff, sleeping on wet hair can make flaking worse and the scalp more irritated and sensitive."

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