Posted 28 Sep 2017 05:01 PM

A few days back Myanmar troops discovered the bodies of 45 Hindu villagers and the Army have blamed the Rohingya Muslim behind the brutal killing of the villagers.
Soldiers said they are still searching for another 48 missing Hindus who are feared to be dead after the discovery of mass graves in Rakhine state containing skeletal remains, including of women and children.
Army chiefs mentioned the villagers were killed by Rohingya militants who also attacked police outposts. They say this justifies a brutal crackdown which has seen 480,000 people from the minority sect flee across the border to Bangladesh in a month. They have even attacked Buddhists and Hindus in Rakhine state.

The UN has accused troops of systematically evicting the Rohingya, who have faced decades of persecution in the mainly Buddhist country. Rights groups accuse troops of using pyromania to force the Rohingya out and block their return, a charge the army denies, accusing the Muslim minority of burning down their own homes.
The army has restricted press access to the conflict zone, including by independent observers who have asked to verify the presence of mass graves, and the identities of those inside. The military has posted regular updates that blame Rohingya militants for the bloodshed, leading to allegations of a cover-up
Myanmar minister, Win Myat Aye, was quoted in state media as saying the government would manage all fire-damaged land in Rakhine, a development likely to raise concern about the Rohingya refugees' ability to return.
Just a month ago 480,000 Rohingya have been driven across the border to Bangladesh as whole villages have been burned to the ground. Family members of the dead people have claimed that Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army, a group of militants associated with the Muslim sect, are carrying out these killing activities.
As per Hindu leaders, the graves were locatable only because of the eight women who were released to convert to Islam and being brought to Bangladesh. They kept the beautiful women alive so that they could marry them later on. The decomposing skeletal bodies remained laid out in rows on a grassy field outside the village of Ye Baw Kyaw as distraught relatives wailed. Locals have helped to identify 25 of the corpses, as per government's Information Committee.
Hindus who fled the area have told AFP that masked men stormed into their community that day and hacked victims to death with machetes before dumping them into freshly-dug pits. The locals claimed their relative’s dead bodies by their clothes and body shape.
Refugees in Bangladesh have described horrific accounts of soldiers conducting summary executions, burning people alive, and rampant sexual violence. Many Rohingya bear terrible injuries from attacks with spades, machetes, or guns. Human Rights Watch has concluded that these abuses against the Rohingya population are crimes against humanity.
The Burmese government should care about all its citizens – Hindu and Muslim, as well as majority Buddhists. While it has the responsibility to respond to security threats, it needs to do within the restraints of the law.
Burma’s government should stop playing politics with the dead. Beyond stopping military atrocities, it should allow the United Nations fact-finding mission into the country to investigate all crimes.

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