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PDD sends Rs 1.87 cr power bill to heritage hotel
Posted 30 Sep 2017 06:01 PM

Power Development Department has sent a bill of over Rs 1.87 crore to one of the top notch hotels in Jammu.
The hotel, which is an heritage hotel in the winter capital, has been asked to pay Rs 1,87,96,238 till September 30 and thereafter the bill amount would exceed with a penalty. ''The hotel is paying the current bill to the department on monthly basis,'' senior PDD official said.
He claimed that the matter pertaining to the pending bill is sub-judice, adding, ''The case has to be settled by the Court. 'As per reports, the hotel authorities have deposited few lakhs with the Court and once directions will be issued, it will settle the pending bill amount,'' the official added.
He said the bill presently is being served on the monthly basis including the outstanding due to which huge amount is shown in the bill.
However, the members of the hotel management said, ''We have no idea about the bill and it seems to be bogus. PDD only justify it.''
A copy of electricity bill has gone viral on the social media.
Pertinent to mention here that after an installation of new electronic metres in some of the localities, consumers have been served hefty bills thus inviting resentment against the PDD and the State Government as well.

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