GST reforms no Diwali gift, Shiv Sena takes a jibe at Narendra Modi -
GST reforms no Diwali gift, Shiv Sena takes a jibe at Narendra Modi
Posted 07 Oct 2017 04:25 PM

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray on Saturday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the changes made to the Goods and Services Tax rules saying that it is not enough. Responding to Modi's statement that Diwali had come early because of the GST changes, Thackeray said, "Changes announced by GST Council are not Diwali gift. Several more changes are required."

He also added that people are not happy as petrol prices are still high and inflation is still up.

Questioning the Modi government, he asked if the tax collected before the changes will be refunded. "I thank central govt for reducing tax slabs under GST but will it refund the tax collected so far?," he asked.

The Sena chief also took potshots at the Modi government for changing the rules saying that the previous government stood firm on its decisions. "Now decision are being changed following opposition and dissatisfaction among people. These changes were announced in light of forthcoming Gujarat election," he said.

Modi on Saturday defended his government on the changes made to the GST saying that the alterations have been made as promised. "We had said we will study all aspects relating to GST for 3 months, including the shortcomings. And thus, the decisions were taken with consensus at the GST council," he said in a speech during his two-day trip to Gujarat.

Applauding his government, the PM asserted that Diwali had come early for people due to the decisions taken in the GST Council. "On Friday our government addressed the concerns regarding Goods and Services Tax (GST), and announced a slew of measures to ease the concerns of traders, exporters and small businesses," he had said.

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