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Heightened terrorist violence matter of serious concern: SSH
Posted 10 Oct 2017 01:13 PM

Shiv Sena Hindustan (SSH) on Monday condemned terrorist attacks on daily basis in the State of J and K.
State President SSH, Rajesh Kesri, while addressing media persons on Monday, expressed concern over the heightened terrorist activities and said, “The spurt in terrorist violence is a cause of grave concern and this needs to be condemned in no uncertain terms.”.
He also hailed the role of security forces who displayed exemplary valour and alertness to take on the terrorists without loss of time and thus kept the loss of human lives at minimum.
Kesri said that our security forces have always fought the terrorist violence sponsored from across the border with utmost resolve and firm determination and that entire nation stands by them in fighting the monster of terror unleashed by Pakistan.
“Such cowardly acts will not diminish our resolve to face the challenge posed by the terrorist organisations supported from across the border”, Kesri said adding that SSH has never been in favour of politicisation of such acts of terrorism and violence, however, political parties which used such unfortunate events for reaping political harvest needs to be reminded of its lofty promise of handling such acts differently.
“Where are those lofty promises and loud noises”, said Kesri adding that statecraft and governance are not run on the basis of rhetoric and grandstanding.
“Now that the people of the country have seen the hollowness of the promises and mindless rhetoric of the BJP and the NDA Government, it is time to concentrate on devising effective plans to foil the designs of the enemies of peace”, said Kesri. He further said that issues of national security are to be dealt with care and sensitivity, bereft of euphoria or over-enthusiasm.
Maintaining that the misplaced foreign policy priorities and incoherent approach towards Pakistan of the BJP Government are responsible for unprecedented ceasefire violations and escalated terrorist violence during the NDA period, Kesri said that it is time to have a relook into the whole gamut of issues in the interest of security and safety of the nation.

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