Mahmaya temple - Jammu -
Mahmaya temple - Jammu
Posted 09 Dec 2016 04:27 PM

Mahamaya Temple

A distinct characteristic of this temple that it is not really dedicated to any presiding Hindu deity but to Mahamaya, a Dogra heroine. The temple was built as a dedication to this brave woman who sacrificed her life fighting for the freedom of her motherland.
This temple is located in the southern most part of Himalayan region on outskirts of Jammu city on the banks of Tawi River. The temple is devoted to the Goddess Mahamaya and is surrounded by a lush green forest.
Mahamaya Temple is counted as one of the many famous tourist spots in Jammu. This place sees pleasant climate for most parts of the year and one can enjoy great scenic beauty and city views. This temple is located in a forest filled with great trees such as Dalbergia Sisso, Dodonea Viscosa and Cassia Fistula among many others. Just opposite this temple is Bahu Fort, another popular attraction in Jammu.

Legend of Mahamaya Temple
According to folklore in this area Mahamaya opposed taking over her motherland by foreign invaders around 14 centuries ago and fiercely fought them. She lost her life for the freedom of her motherland. To this day, people honour her sacrifice. The temple was built to laud her courage and sacrifice.
In a way Mahamaya temple is symbolic of the strength and bravery of Indian women, which often goes unnoticed.

Best Time to Visit
Jammu is blessed with a pleasant and cool climate for almost the whole year. The city of Jammu tends to experience very hot summers and cold winters characterized by snowfall. Jammu can be best visited between September and April. To experience the celebratory mood of the place, it can be visited in the months of January (Lohri or Makara Sankranti), March (Ram Navami) and October (Deepavali) when the whole city is soaked in the festive spirit.

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