Private nursing institutes take patients on expensive ride -
Private nursing institutes take patients on expensive ride
Posted 21 Oct 2017 12:22 PM

Even as the government of Jammu and Kashmir claims to have built a state of the art health infrastructure, private nursing institutes in twin capitals are having a field day in fleecing the patients in the name of quality treatment and tests.
During the past two decades, the private nursing institutes have rapidly increased with some resembling to shopping malls.
Some hospitals have even been registered as so-called charity hospitals but their objectives include profit, looting and exploiting the patients.
Huge fee charged by doctors for private consultations in private institutes have gone unnoticed over the years in the twin capitals. Doctors are charging patients as per their experience. The fee for a private consultation ranges anywhere from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 and sometimes even more.
In one private nursing institute, a practitioner, Dr Ajaz Kariem Khan, has charged Rs 450 for fifteen days only. It has become routine in Jammu and Kashmir. For several doctors, even some patients had been waiting in agony for three months to get appointment for treatment.
The question arises if government has fixed rates for private nursing institutes and the private practitioners then the same are not being implemented?
Talking to STATE TIMES, Commissioner Secretary, Health and Medical Education Department, Pawan Kotwal, puts ball in to the administration’s court by saying that Director Health Services of twin capitals are the controlling officers.
“If any person complains about exorbitant charges by private nursing institutes, they (Directors) are the right people who can take action against erring nursing institute”, he maintained.
On sky touching rates in private nursing institutes he said, “Government will look into the matter. Doctors fee is fixed (which he did not disclosed), but if any doctor is going beyond those rates we will take action,” Kotwal said.
Pertinently, government has failed to frame any committee that can monitor the rates charged by private nursing institutes which are touching the sky. The Ministry of Health of State government is watching as mute spectators despite knowing the facts.
However, Director of Health Services, Kashmir, Saleem ur Rehman said that he is not the right authority who can cease any private institute, it is up to the government. He said that government should look into the matter and they should form a committee which can monitor the private institutes and private practitioners.

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