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8 Things You Must Consider If You Are A New Pet Owner
Posted 10 Dec 2016 11:15 AM

With adorable faces and irresistible eyes, dogs are loved by many people. But, loving a dog and being ready to take on the responsibility of your canine companion are two very different things. The bitter truth is very few of us look beyond the cute lovable eyes of puppies and imagine the world with an adult dog. Rather we happily picture a world, which is filled with fun, with that puppy. In this article, we have written eight things that you must consider before owning a new pet.
1. Almost all breed of dogs take up a lot of time as well as energy. If you live alone and work for long hours in a day, then perhaps a canine is not the best companion for you.
2. If you are an avid traveler, and you want a canine companion, you probably should invest in a dog walker. It is also wise to choose a dog breed that is not especially needy, too.
3. Remember that you should choose only those dogs that are suitable to not only your lifestyle, but also your surroundings. If you live in an apartment, then a large dog is not a good choice and you should choose only apartment friendly dogs. You do not want your canine companion to develop severe health issues, be bored, or destroy things. Large breed of dogs really belong to big places with lots of outdoor space.
4. You should also consider those dog breeds that are suitable for your region’s climate, especially if you have a garden and want to keep your dog outside.
5. Puppies require the most work when it comes to the house training. If you do not want your things chewed up, or do not have the money or time to train the puppy, you should consider adopting an already housebroken, adult dog.
6. You should also make sure that you have lots of chewing toys available for your canine companion and keep all expensive things (like clothes and shoes) out of its reach; the same goes for chemicals and medicines. You should dog proof your home and garden before owning a canine because puppies like to investigate and try everything. Make sure there is nothing dangerous around for your dog to sample.
7. You should also get a proper harness and leash for your dog. A leash too large or too small may hurt your dog inadvertently during its walking routine or even worse allow your dog to hurt others or get loose and run away. After taking your dog to home, you should provide them leash training.
8. You should get your dog vaccinated and spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Don’t forget to take your canine companion to the vet for the routine checkups. Your canine companion will thank you for it and live a much better (and longer) life.

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