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Happy Halloween 2017: How to make Jack O’ Lanterns with pumpkins
Posted 28 Oct 2017 05:18 PM

Jack O’ Lanterns are pumpkins or turnips carved out with scary faces on Halloween. They have a sinister tale behind them – that of a stingy man called Jack, who repeatedly kept trapping the devil and made a deal with him that he would only let him go on condition that Jack would never go to hell. However, on dying, he found out that heaven wouldn’t have his soul either and he was condemned to wander on earth for all eternity. The devil is believed to have thrown a burning lump of coal for Jack to help light his way, which Jack carried around in a lantern carved out of a turnip.
Jack O’ Lanterns have come to become a fun part of Halloween and we have here some DIYs that will help you make some spooky and exciting lanterns.
DIY Montreal
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You will need
Nylon sock
Glass candle holder
Rubber bands
Spray paint
* Mix concrete with water to get an oatmeal-like consistency.
* Take a nylon stocking and fill it with concrete. You can fill it up according to the size of the lantern you want.
* Once you get the desired size, pat, shake and tap the concrete ball to get all the air bubbles out.
* Take a small glass candle holder and insert it into the concrete pumpkin to keep the pumpkin hollow and tie it up with rubber bands to hold the concrete together.
* Tie up the stocking and let the concrete dry.
* Dry it for 36 hours and peel off the nylon and take out the holder. Use spray paint to colour the lantern and chalk to mark out the eyes and mouth.
* The hollow can be used to place a candle or candies.

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