Govt robbing poor, empowering capitalists: Satish -
Govt robbing poor, empowering capitalists: Satish
Posted 03 Nov 2017 04:15 PM

Satish Sharma, ex-Chairman JMC and former Corporator, Gangyal, blamed the present Coalition Government of BJP and PDP of robbing poor masses and promoting capitalism.
He was addressing a protest demonstration of public organized by Congress at Gangyal. The protesters were holding empty gas cylinders and wearing garlands made of vegetables, the price of which has shot to all time high .
The protesters were furious of inflation and uncontrolled price rise of essential commodities like gas cylinders vegetables and unavailability of sugar and ration items at Ration Depots.
Satish Sharma lambasted the present Govt over its anti poor policies. He said that this Government has made the life of common masses like hell. He said that the Government is completely ignoring Jammu region and is hand in glove with corrupt and communal mafia.
The protesters also blocked the National Highway at Gangyal inspite of force used by police.

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