School education sector in shambles: Harsh -
School education sector in shambles: Harsh
Posted 11 Nov 2017 04:53 PM

With around 10,000 teachers including masters and ReTs having been attached in places other than their actual places of postings, the Education Department stood on the verge of collapse, said Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister.
Harsh said that with remote area schools being the worst sufferers in the process of such attachments and other whimsical transfers, the helmsmen appeared to have had abdicated their responsibility towards the significant issue by merely issuing half hearted statements and obscure circulars and without bothering to ensure their implementation. He regretted that commercialization of school education in the form of paid transfers and attachments had taken a heavy toll of academic activity in various rural and far flung area schools with no takers for the shrill cries of the rural populace in the affected areas. He expressed dismay that teachers had been attached in schools, offices of ZEOs, CEOs Tehsildars, SDMs, DCs, DSE as per the reply obtained by him through various RTIs.
Alleging large scale corruption and nepotism in the process of wholesale transfers and attachments, Singh said that all circulars, notifications, government orders, policies were contemptuously thrown to the winds while issuing such nasty orders. He said that not only Zero km transfers had been made for vested interests but there were several cases in which teachers had been transferred from one premise to the other in the same educational institution. He said that there were instances of pre-mature transfers having been effected without approval of competent authority, transfers an medical grounds without bonafide medical certificates and continuance of transfers beyond the deadlines fixed both summer and winter zones which had not only adversely impacted upon the credibility of the department but had prejudicially affected the careers of the young students.
Making a mention of thousands of attachments of teachers, masters, lecturers, etc. in the prized schools and offices, Singh said that not only were such blue eyed teachers given convenient postings but were also being paid HRA to which they were not otherwise entitled. He said that crores of rupees were being paid as HRA illegally to the teachers who had their substantive postings in other districts and rural areas but had been attached in cities and towns over and above the sanctioned strength of staff. He said that during his tenure as Education Minister he had ensured 100% cancellation of all attachments from all schools and offices which however assured alarming proportions after he demitted office. He said that large scale attachments made by Director School Education and CEOs in the city schools, towns and other offices as surplus staff and then payment of HRA to them was a huge scam which called for due cognisance on the part of government as well as other vigilante organizations. He called for the personal indulgence of the Chief Minister so as to stem the rot in the functioning of this crucial sector and to save it from Jeopardy.

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