Bhalla slams BJP for letting down Jammu on all fronts -
Bhalla slams BJP for letting down Jammu on all fronts
Posted 27 Nov 2017 04:08 PM

Former Minister and senior Congress leader, Raman Bhalla on Sunday asserted said that BJP’s deceit is haunting Jammu people who reposed their unflinching faith and support to it with the hope that Jammu may perhaps get a better deal as during the days of its wilderness in the opposition, the BJP leaders were crying hoarse over discrimination and neglect.
Bhalla made a particular mention of the BJP and dared its ministers to list their achievements with regard to fulfilling the developmental needs of the Jammu region.
“Despite being in power at the Centre and in the State the party failed miserably on governance front and let down Jammu on all fronts,” he said, adding that the BJP has nothing to showcase as its achievement, least to fulfilling liberal promises during elections. Bhalla slammed BJP for putting Jammu’s interests and development subservient to the pleasure of PDP for remaining glued to power. He said the partnership of the alliance parties and cohesion as a result of which people of the State in general and the Jammu region in particular are suffering on account of development. He charged the BJP for reversing some of the prestigious projects launched during the tenure of Congress for putting the Jammu region on equal pedestal of development.
“Hunger for power has taken toll of the opportunistic alliance, which is overtly and covertly working towards weakening the very idea of Jammu and Kashmir”, Bhalla said while interacting with prominent people of Rajiv Nagar and Ambedkar Nagar in Gandhi Nagar Constituency.
Bhalla blamed both PDP and BJP for exploiting people by playing with their emotions on good governance drama being staged by them. He claimed that both the parties have lost the ground miserably. He said that Congress Party stands guarantee to the equitable development of all the three regions and the people and it will continue to serve the people to the best of its ability.

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