Chandigarh gangrape: Congress slams Kirron Kher for not taking matter seriously, BJP MP says don’t politicise issue -
Chandigarh gangrape: Congress slams Kirron Kher for not taking matter seriously, BJP MP says don’t politicise issue
Posted 30 Nov 2017 05:07 PM

The Congress on Thursday lashed out at BJP MP Kirron Kher for saying that the 22-year-old woman who was gangraped in Chandigarh should not have boarded the autorickshaw when she saw three men sitting in it. Senior Congress leader Pawan Kumar Bansal accused Kher of not taking the matter seriously and said instead of making irresponsible statements the MP should state how she would make the roads of Chandigarh safer for women.
“I am amazed how she gave such a statement. It seems like a light take on a serious matter. She instead needed to tell how she is going to make Chandigarh a safer place for women,” Bansal was quoted as saying by ANI.
Later, Kher hit back saying politics should not be played on the sensitive issue. Kher said the Congress should make “constructive” statements like her and not make “destructive” remarks. “Shame on people who are trying to politicise the issue. You too have kids in your house, and should speak constructively rather than making destructive statements,” she said.
Clarifying her stand on the matter, the BJP MP said she only highlighted the changing times and girls should be careful while venturing out at night. “I had just said the times are changing and girls should be careful. Chandigarh police send PCR whenever a girl calls 100 at night. Politics should not be played on the issue,” she said.
A 22-year-old woman had boarded an auto to go back to her paying guest accommodation in Mohali after attending a stenography class in Sector 37. On the way, the auto driver and his two accomplices raped and dumped her at Sector 53, where she was spotted by passersby who informed the police.
On Wednesday, Kher said the woman shouldn’t have boarded the auto when she saw three men already in it. “The woman should have used her mind and not taken the auto when she saw three men already sitting in it. I am just saying this for the protection of the girls,” Kher said.
The BJP MP had also said it was necessary that people should educate their boys to prevent such crimes, but at the same time girls too should be alert and aware and narrated her own experience in Mumbai. “Whenever we took a taxi in Mumbai, we used to let someone know the taxi number …I feel that in these times, we also have to be more careful about these things,” she said.
The MP further said she “really felt sad” for the survivor. “Even in the family, when father doesn’t respect mother, that does create an impact on the kids,” Kher said.

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