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Rana decries BJP’s obstructions in activation of Jindrah Tehsil
Posted 27 Dec 2017 04:08 PM

National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday lambasted BJP for creating obstacles in the activation of Jindrah Tehsil, cautioning that further delay would force the people take to streets and resort to agitation.
“The delay raises many questions with regard to political motivation of the BJP as the issue is hanging decision despite assurances held out in the Legislative Assembly and in various forums”, Rana said while interacting with locals during his tour to the Nagrota Constituency.
Rana, who is MLA Nagrota, decried the BJP for its political maneuvering in delaying the functioning of Tehsil, as it had been created by Omar Abdullah led Government in 2014 while respecting public urges and need for taking administration at their doorsteps. The intrigues of the BJP also highlight its naivety in governance, he said, adding that the self-styled Messiahs of Jammu stand totally exposed, as their agenda is to remain glued to power by hook or crook and by ditching the people in every sphere.
Rana said that Jindrah Tehsil had been created along with other administrative units in various parts of the State on October 21, 2014 as per Cabinet Decision No 187/14/2014.
“If urgency can be shown by the PDP in posting Assistant Commissioner in Bhaderwah despite non availability of any such post what is the problem in making duly created Jindrah Tehsil functional”, he asked, maintaining that the BJP has been a biggest obstacle in development of Jammu and fulfillment of its politico-economic aspirations.
He said his pleas of posting the staff in stop-gap arrangement, till the sanctioning of staff, have fell in deaf ears, perhaps consciously in order to deriving sadistic pleasure by those who are at the helm in this insensitive and anti-people government.
Rana reiterated his demand of making Jindrah Tehsil functional by making internal arrangement in terms of deployment of the staff. This will save the people from inconvenience they were encountering while undertaking long journeys and wasting days together to seek redressal to their revenue and related issues, he added.
The MLA lauded the resilience and resolve of the Jindrah people for adopting peaceful means to press their demands and cautioned the government this should not be taken as their weakness. He said he will not only raise the issue again in the ensuing Budget Session of the Legislative Assembly to have the tehsil activated in a time bound manner but if need be he will sit with his people to agitate the callousness of the government.
Responding to various issues raised by the people, the MLA said these will be taken up with concerned for appropriate redressal on immediate basis. He said he has been consistently pursuing and coordinating various developmental issues of the constituency to have these completed in a time bound manner so that the benefits reach the targeted population on time. He said development of Nagrota constituency is his mission which he will accomplish with the active support of the people.

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