Jewellery guide for winter to add glam quotient to your look -
Jewellery guide for winter to add glam quotient to your look
Posted 08 Jan 2018 04:51 PM

Winter is not just about packing yourself with layers of woolens. The season is also about playing up with minimum accessories. Say good bye to chokers and go for small diamond studs and big rings to flaunt your inner fashionista this winter. Here are some expert suggestions to keep in mind while picking accessories.

* In winter, one should avoid wearing chokers as girls prefer having scarves or fur collars to protect themselves from the chilly weather.

* Women can opt for small diamond studs as these look really pretty and elegant when it comes to winter wear.

* If it is an occasion apart from weddings, then ladies should keep it as simple as possible.

* Big dazzling rings, be it funky or diamonds, look amazing in winter and can add some glam quotient to the look.

* Usually in winter, women skip wearing anything more than a watch on their wrists. Wearing a bangle or a bracelet in winter will not be of any use as they will get tangled in full sleeve uppers and pullovers.

* In winter, women like to keep their hair open to keep their ears warm and keeping this in consideration, girls should go for pretty hair pins, bands or studs that can complement winter outfits.

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