Are You Fluent In Beauty Slang? If You Know These 7 Terms, You're Cool -
Are You Fluent In Beauty Slang? If You Know These 7 Terms, You're Cool
Posted 18 Jan 2018 03:44 PM

It's time to test how much you really know about beauty
Is your Saturday night fotd on-fleek enough for the occasion or do you have to get into yet another beatdown? Confused? Don't be. We're just talking the language of the cool kids of the beauty world. Beauty slang is all around us and bloggers, artists, editors, models and reviewers are all fluent in it. Are you? To find out, test your beauty knowledge (and cool quotient) to see if you really know what these seven popular beauty slang terms really mean.
1. Hitting The Pan

The action of using a pressed product like shadow or blush so much that you use it until you reach the end of the container or 'hit the pan'.

Usage: "This bronze shadow is so good, it's the third time I've hit the pan with it."

2. Dupe

A shortened form of duplicate. In the makeup world, dupes are less expensive products that have a similar finish or shade as compared to a more expensive, luxury counterpart.

Usage: "I'd love to find a dupe for that lipstick because it's too pricey to drop that much cash on."

3. On-fleek

A term which implies a beauty look is absolutely perfect; the term is commonly used in fashion as well.

Usage: "Rihanna can do no wrong, every look of hers is on-fleek"

4. Beatdown

No, this isn't some sort of street fight. In the beauty sphere, a beatdown is the process of applying one's makeup to get a flawless finish. Another connotation of this is 'beating the face' or getting a 'beat face', which all mean the same thing.

Usage: "Dinner's going to be a fancy affair tonight and so I'm getting ready for a long beatdown"

5. Fotd

An acronym which means 'face of the day' and is used extensively on Instagram. A similar slang term for this is 'lotd' or 'look of the day'. Both translate to the beauty look that one is flaunting for that particular day.

Usage: "I barely had any time to get ready so red lips and bronzer is my fotd"

6. Baking

Not the kind of baking involving cookies and vanilla essence. Baking in the beauty world means heavily dusting on loose powder and allowing it to soak the facial oils for a few minutes before dusting off to get a matte finish.

Usage: "Baking my face every morning is why I look mattified and oil-free"

7. HG

An acronym for Holy Grail. This is used to describe makeup, skin or hair products that are absolutely essential to your routine and ones you cannot live without.

Usage:"It's my HG concealer that keeps my dark circles at bay"

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