For the love of language -
For the love of language
Posted 13 Dec 2016 01:15 PM

Arun Sharma is a teacher, writer, mentor and an aspiring memoirist. Born and raised in Jammu, he has dedicated his life to study, promotion and propagation of French language in the state. Working as a guest faculty of French language at University of Jammu and Central University of Jammu, he has provided an ethical and ideal echelon of service that is only found at top most levels of education. As an ideal mentor, he is not only credited with guiding copious students in the field of language but also inculcating the feeling of compassion and highest standards of honesty and personal integrity. Emboldened by the knowledge many students have been finding new employment opportunities in the field.
Besides holding a Master degree in French, he has multiple post-graduation degrees in English, Business administration and Tourism Management. Mr. Sharma has authored four French books for beginners, intermediate and advanced students of French. His first book entitled “Mon Livre” was aimed at French language learners and was accepted with wide acclaim by Language enthusiasts.
It was a big hit among all age groups because of its simplicity and systematic approach. After the success of first book, he has written three more books entitled, “French Phrases and Useful Words.”, “Conjugation” and “Solution key of Cours de Langue”.
Featuring easy-to-follow vocabulary lists, along with complete instruction on written and spoken grammar, the books are designed for inquisitive students of French language and provides than a platform to hone their French skills.
Mr. Sharma is known for his folksy charm and strong moral character. To fulfill his dream of reaching every stratum of society and imparting best education he founded a Club named “French Language Club, Jammu” in the year 2010.
Mr. Sharma is the founder as well as the president of the Club. The club has reached 500 members in a record time and this success was a direct result of hard work and dedication of Mr. Sharma. Club is first of its kind in J&K and has been frequently organizing short immersion courses in French, thus by providing a podium for students to find French teaching jobs in different schools and Colleges in Jammu. The Club has been coordinating various events and competitions for promoting the French language in the state. Mr. Sharma is a firm believer in social responsibility and it has always been an important part of the club’s activity. The Club contributes to the social and cultural life of the Jammu region on a regular basis, and has organized events in orphanages, schools and Old ages homes from time to time.
Mr. Sharma reckons French is not only the language of love; it’s the language of diplomacy, business, fashion, and style. He believes French language is not a hazard to the local language, rather, an opportunity for highlighting our alluring culture and traditions to other nations in the form of literature paving the way for cordial relationships with other countries as well.
Mr. Sharma is working to incorporate French language in the remaining schools of Jammu and on a new French book for language lovers. He has been teaching to students for more than 14 years and he has taught more than 5000 students till yet.
It is worthwhile to mention that all the teachers’ teaching in Jammu schools have learned the language from Mr Sharma. His distinguished teaching style has made him famous and favorite amongst the students and his extensive knowledge has helped numerous students in achieving their goals. Many of them are serving in prestigious varsities, colleges, schools and MNCs, in India and overseas. People are lucky to have a teacher like him in the state and are really grateful for all of the efforts he has put into his work.

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