Trendy haircuts to look younger -
Trendy haircuts to look younger
Posted 29 Jan 2018 03:13 PM

Do you know that a haircut can make a lot of difference to your face? You don't need to invest in those expensive anti-ageing products when you can just get a haircut. From playing with your hair that frames your face, you can actually look youthful. A right haircut will define your face's jawline, cheekbones and keep the focus away from your wrinkles. To know which haircuts can flatter you and take off years off your face, read through!

This hairdo can make a lot of difference to your face and works for any age. This haircut can flatter your face and also update your look. However, don't go for choppy bangs or a thick one. You can try from side bangs to a light one to create a softer look.

Getting a chop like a bob can flatter your features instantly. Depending on your face type, you can go for a chin-length cut, or around the ears to experiment with this haircut.

If you have long hair, you can experiment a lot of with your locks. And if you have thick hair, you can even get a layered cut. From waves to curls, you can also experiment with texture to give your hair more style.

This classic cut may look weird at first, but it can make a huge impression. This no-fuss hairdo will need less maintenance and take years off your face.

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