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Jammu girl is ‘Voice of Punjab’
Posted 13 Dec 2016 01:58 PM

Born to a Dogra couple, the journey of Sonali Dogra from being a casual singer to win the prestigious title of ‘Voice of Punjab’ organised by PTC’s Singing Talent Hunt Show in Amritsar and that too after picking up Punjabi accent in most fluent manner has not remained an easy path to tread. Despite all odds and having won the title after beating Punjabi contestants in Punjab only, Sonali today feels proud of having settled in the vicinity of great singing legend of 40’s K L Sehgal in Link Road, Jammu.
Having no background of singing and no formal training in music it was sheer luck, fate and primarily hard work that remained on Sonali’s side throughout her journey from being a school singing star to winning the title of ‘Voice of Punjab’. Today when she is pursuing her studies in Government College for Women, Parade she’s a just like any other normal student but sometimes enjoys celebrity status who if gets recognised by fellow colleagues is forced to oblige them by singing her best numbers anywhere in the college premises.
Having sung for a Punjabi film as well, this Jammu girl now aspires to hit Bollywood as a playback singer if the usual Luck and Hard Work continues to remain on her side as ever. Humbled yet firm on her belief, she credits her success to her mother and brothers who stood by her in her endeavour to her journey of becoming a singer. In an exclusive interview, Sonali made it known that she started singing in fifth standard only to earn accolades but never ever dreamt of being an established singer or earn any titles.
Having command on Sufi Music, Sonali has also performed in Jammu Idol, Voice of India, Choona Hai Aasmaan, Duggar Sangeet, Katra Festival, Awaz Punjab Di, Radio and Television before being victorious in Voice of Punjab and winning the title for her 2016 performances. With her head held high and feet firmly rooted in ground she’s clear about her future plans. Singer Dogra wants to be a professional but believes that the journey to pinnacle is not as easy as the previous stretch was.
Having judged by top Punjabi singers like Harbajan Maan and Music directors like Anu Malik, Sonali Dogra is today confident enough to face top rated Masters in Music or any stage in the country or anywhere else on this globe but intends to make Jammu proud of her performances. If all goes well the budding singer is virtually treading the path of K L Sehgal who too was born in Jammu and then left for Kolkata only to land up in Mumbai and make a mark there.
Like Sehgal, Sonali too was forced to drop out of college for a year but resolved to continue her studies despite all odds.
Sonali seems to be repeating that history after over 60 years. Born in Jammu and then having travelled to Kolkata and then Mumbai she rose to enthral audiences with her performances in Katra, Jammu and Punjab. She’s now eying Bollywod like Sehgal did. Speaking about her performances in Punjab where she had difficulties in picking up many typical Punjabi words, Sonali revealed that crowds in Amritsar and other locations used to throng to attend her shows and especially the grand finale of PTC’s Singing Talent Hunt Show – Voice of Punjab which she won.
The songs that left several of her admirers awestruck include Punjabi folk songs, Ranjha, Mirza, Allah Hu, Tere ishq Nachaya, baras Ja ai badal, Main Haal Vekh Laye Heera De, Sanu te aisa Maahi, Kamli yaar di kamli, Patta vi hillta and Bhajans and Kirtans that she recites at Katra festival as well as on many occasions.
“The weather on that day was quite hostile yet people of Amritsar had turned up in large numbers to witness the performance. Despite the rain and hailstorm during the show music lovers faced all odds to support the event wherein I was declared winner”, shares Sonali Dogra. Her duet ‘Paani diya Challan Hovan….’ still mesmerizes many. The best part of this contest was that previous seasons’ contestants of Voice of Punjab slugged it out against this year’s contestants.
It was a virtual contest between Masters and Challengers that made the competition tough to win, said Sonali. The journey to success and that too when the performances were being judged by ace singers and music composers like Lakhwinder Wadali, Saleem, Gurmit Singh and Sachin Ahuja was very tough but the programme that was anchored by Satinder Satti made it little comfortable for the contestants, she said.
Remembering the D-Day, Sonali explains that this grand finale of this biggest Punjabi singing reality show – Voice of Punjab Season 6 was held at Ranjit Avenue Ground, Ajnala Road, Amritsar wherein she performed after leaving behind several contestants and coming up in the slot of top six singers. Those who lost were equally talented and had done their best but it was again the luck and Mata Vaishno Devi JI’s blessings that made my day, said Sonali Dogra.
Sunny Atwal, Sonu Gill, Sonali Dogra, Priya Sidhu, Mohd. Danish and Sahil Akhtar were the six finalists who performed that day in grand finale. Recalling her past, she said that P N Raina remained her teacher for some time and advised youngsters to seek formal trainings is case they intend to make it to the top slot of singing world. A foreign company into music has already approached for making of a solo album which she intends to complete in months to come.
Back home, BSF School and some social organisations have honoured her for being the title winner of Voice of Punjab but her own college – Government College for Women, Parade is yet to recognise her credentials into the field of Music which she regrets. For Sonali bringing laurels for Jammu is a matter of proud as she and her entire family is completely drenched in Dogra culture which they feel proud of.
Today she sings in Punjabi, Hindi and Dogri and feels proud in reciting Dogri- Pakhan whenever and wherever she gets a chance. Her recent performance organised by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Jammu chapter at Jammu had left audiences spellbound wherein critics also compared her with a established versatile singer of Jammu Sufi singer Ragini Rainu as well.

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