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‘Chaar Shaam Kanhaiya Ke Naam’ organised
Posted 03 Feb 2018 01:20 PM

‘Chaar Shaam Kanhaiya Ke Naam’ initiated by Satyam Foundation, Hiranagar in Community Hall premises remained continue on second day with traditional rituals. Former MLC Subash Gupta graced the occasion as Chief Guest.
Being the second day of the religious occasion despite cool breeze, there was great enthusiasm among the devotees. The number of the female devotees remained much higher as compared to males. Swami Bhuvnaeshvari Devi Ji Maharaj, the renowned religious preacher, threw light on a number of religious teachings to the gathering amid melodious hymns, bhajans, and Vedic Mantra chants. Telling the secrets of life, she revealed that what we consider true in the material world is always momentary and may change with the change of time and place. “The true saints talk about is eternal immutable,” she said, adding that a true devotee always diverts his mind towards selfless service and never gives an impression to be a selfish person and he always tries that what so ever lapses he has may not repeat, in near future.
She added that a true devotee always follows his master, whatever directions are there from his side. On the contrary, a true devotee never feels proud for his services. Whatever and whenever we are talking to someone we should always think as if we are talking to our true master. As every person is creation of God, so there is no difference man to man. We should always pray to God that we should not hesitate from doing the selfless services.
Teaching the lesson of obtaining happiness, she said the material wealth and other worldly comforts could not make a man happy. She further added that on the contrary, material wealth invites different tensions.
Former MLC Subash Gupta expressed gratitude to the presence and service of Swami Bhuvnaeshvari Devi Ji Maharaj sought “the message of saints, Guru’s, and prophets is for human beings and not to other species. This is because everything in the heaven or hell exists for and cause of human being. Human life is quite short. We should therefore value each moment, we must realise the truth and unite with God without further delay. He is the only perfect entity and cannot be perfect without seeing communication with him. Later, the occasion ended with the concerning rituals and distribution of Prasad among the devotees.

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