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Ranveer Singh on Simmba: I have earned the distinction of being Rohit Shetty’s leading man
Posted 07 Feb 2018 04:42 PM

Actor Ranveer Singh, who will soon be seen in Rohit Shetty’s upcoming film Simmba, says a masala entertainer is something he was longing to do.

“After Gully Boy I have Rohit Shetty. It’s a full on masala entertainer, which is something I have been wanting to do for such a long time. It’s got all the ingredients — action, comedy, drama, romance, Songs. All the good stuff that goes into a Rohit Shetty film,” Ranveer told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

Ranveer is very excited about Simmba, where he will be seen playing policeman Sangram Bhalerao.

“I feel like I have been honest with my work and I have actually earned the distinction of being Rohit Shetty leading man. I am very excited about that. The kind of films I grew up too and the kind of film that reaches out to a broad spectrum of audience, I am very lucky to have that film coming up,” he added. Presented by Karan Johar, the Reliance Entertainment film has been locked for release on December 28 next year. This will be the first time Ranveer, Karan and Shetty will be working together.

Fresh out of success of his latest and most controversial film Padmaavat, Ranveer while talking about playing Alauddin Khilji said, “I am very happy with the reaction to my performance. I am relieved actually because it was a very big risk for me to take. A part like this at this stage of my career, and especially with people advising me against it. They said it was too big a risk to play a villain, a negative shade at this point in my career. In our country, if they love the character, they love the actor and the opposite could happen. But I am very happy that I put my faith in the evolution of the audience that they will be able to recognise my performance and recognise that I am an actor, who chooses to do things a bit differently. The kind of appreciation that is pouring in is extremely heartening. But mostly I am relieved that my gamble paid off.”

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