Corruption on rise in BJP-PDP rule: Harsh Dev -
Corruption on rise in BJP-PDP rule: Harsh Dev
Posted 20 Feb 2018 03:20 PM

Expressing grave concern over the mushrooming corruption in the State, NPP chairman and former minister Harsh Dev Singh today appealed to the Chief Minister to activate, strengthen and effectively empower the anti-graft bodies including SAC, SVC and SIC in conformity with her slogans of bringing Accountability and Transparency in the government functioning.
Addressing public meeting in Majalta today, Singh lamented that the deep rooted culture of patronized corruption was fast spreading its tentacles and had engulfed the entire system like bubonic plague. He said that most alarming aspect was not the money exchanging hands in the unwholesome bargains but the open defiance of norms and procedures, fearlessness and audacity displayed by corrupt elements in executing such illegal bargains.
Alleging blatant disregard for the slogans of “good governance” and “transparency”, Harsh Dev said that the recent past witnessed a mad race amongst various ministries for effecting transfers of Govt functionaries without having any regard for the aptitude, efficiency or suitability of the incumbents. He said that thousands of transfers effected in the most arbitrary and clandestine manner had exposed the ministers besides MLAs who recommended such transfers and had exploded the myth of good governance. He said the transfers which were supposed to be made in the interest of administration for making the delivery of public services efficacious and efficient were made on monetary and other extraneous considerations.
Calling for a probe into the transfer industry which flourished in the recent past in the Departments of Education, Health, Forest, Power, PHE and Rural Development, Singh called for the constitution of SIT to unearth the alleged extraneous considerations and violations of prescribed norms.
Ridiculing the slogans of corruption free dispensation and good governance given by the Central and State Government, Singh said that complaints of irregular and corrupt practices by BJP Ministers and MLAs had been despicably consigned to the dustbin by the said Govnments.

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