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Ek Sath Rang Mandal presents 287th Monday Theatre
Posted 20 Feb 2018 03:28 PM

Ek Sath Rang Mandal today presented it’s 287th Monday Theatre with Vijay Malla’s new progressive Nukad “Ensaniyut Ka Sabak” under Monday Theatre Series at Government Floriculture Park, KC Morh here.
The theme of the play was that “we are always blessed with the traditions history manners and attitude of our parents and society. But unfortunately we seldom follow and adopt them because we never analyze and accept them. We must take them for solving our problems and miseries”, he added.
It further says “we have to balance and solve our every problem”. An old man explained the remedies with his experience for the younger generation who are in a grip of tension and are not capable in solving their problems.
“Why you become tense with every problem that emerges in your life” ? Why you never analyze the basic reason of that problem and become tense”, he asks ?
“For example if you are daily late in your office and it becomes a big problem for your carrier and creates tension, you can solve it by leaving early than your usual time by calculating timing which can make you tension free”, he adds.
“Moreover why you feel insecure in your job and create tension in family which becomes fatal for your family as well for you”, he says?
“For such problems either you become pray to illness or you take help of intoxication which is beginning of your dark future. For such problems you can start yoga or meditation which can relive you of tension”.
“If you want your peaceful life then learn and adopt how to manage the things which create tension in your life. One should take suggestions and listen everybody but act as per his own satisfaction”, he says.
A large number of people witnessed this Nukad. Actors who acted were Raju Mad, Shahid, Shally Vidhi Manhas, Baby Khushi, Master Daksh, Anuroop Pathania and Vijay Malla.
This play was written by Vijay Malla and directed by Anuroop Pathania.

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