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J & K: Young people snatch Wild Life by protecting Deer from PoK
Posted 21 Feb 2018 01:11 PM

Poonch On Tuesday, in the district on the Indian side of the Line of Control (LoC), on Tuesday, on the morning of the pok area, wandering a wild deer route came to this side. Dogs fell behind him, some youths of the village rescued and later handed him over to the Wild Life Department.
According to the information, on Tuesday morning, the youth of village Digvwar, Sunil Kumar, Pankaj Sharma and Ravi Kumar saw the dogs lying in the village lying badly behind any animal, they chased the dogs and chased the dogs and scared badly. When he got caught and injured, he found a deer.

They immediately brought him to a cattle store and he washed the grass and gave him water to calm down. After this, they informed the Wild Life Department about this and called them in the village and handed them the deer to the PoK area.

Sunil Kumar, who protects the deer from the pok, says that this deer has come from the POK across the Line of Control, because there are no deer in our area. Along with this, Sunil says that Pakistan aims to fire on our people and we have tried to send a humanitarian message to Pakistan by saving the lives of the animals from across the border.

Confirming Sunil's statement, Ashfaq, a range officer of the Wild Life Department, says the deer is the animal found in high altitude areas. Which is not found in areas like Digvar. This deer comes out of the POK inevitably. Because the fear of continuous fire on the Line of Control will come only on this side.

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