Backdoor appointments in all Govt Deptts need to be probed: Harsh -
Backdoor appointments in all Govt Deptts need to be probed: Harsh
Posted 28 Feb 2018 01:54 PM

While hailing the CM Mehbooba Mufti for ordering a probe into the alleged irregular appointments made in KVIB, Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and former Minister, on Tuesday sought a high level probe into backdoor appointments made in all other Deptts and PSUs during the past four years.
He said that KVIB fiasco was inconsequential as compared to several hundreds and thousands of backdoor appointments having been made in various government departments in violation of norms and prescribed procedures.
Referring to massive back door appointments made in various other government department, Singh said that Police Department topped the list with several hundreds of such irregular appointments of SPOs without observing due selection process followed by Industries Department, PHE, Forests, M&RE, I&FC, RDD, Health and JK Cements, SIDCO, SICOP besides other State Government corporations.
He said that in the wrongdoing, the norms and procedures had been brazenly thrown to winds with hundreds of illegal appointments effected for monetary and other extraneous considerations much to the chagrin and disillusionment of genuine and deserving candidates.
Singh further divulged that scores of SPOs had been reportedly appointed on the recommendations of the politicians while the rumours were agog amongst the deserving candidates that the back door appointees had paid Rs.1 lakh for their engagement against the posts.
Terming the overt violation of norms and procedures in conduct of government business by ministers and bureaucrats particularly in appointments as misuse of authority and power, he further pointed towards the most infamous incident of July 24 wherein the State Rural Development Minister recommended the application of a Job seeker for computer operator’s post with the comments “Apna Admi” (own man) and the Director RDD issuing instructions to his subordinates to ensure “Joining” of the said candidate “within minutes”.
Maintaining that the RDD Minister’s order symbolised the general conduct of the present Ministers, Singh claimed that the said appointment order as published in a section of the press also was only a tip of the ice berg with several such appointment orders having been issued by corrupt ministers and bureaucrats through back door.
And while the backdoor and irregular appointments were being made with impunity, the bonafide selections were being disregarded and refused appointments by retackles corrupt authorities.
Holding corruption as one single factor primarily responsible for majority of the ills in the state, Harsh said that the present chaotic situation in the state could largely be retrieved through a transparent and accountable dispensation. He said that on-going protests revealed the desperation of youth for a fair deal, accountability, transparency and good governance which was completely elusive in present rule. He observed that the violent roadside demonstrations by social, political organizations, civil society besides under paid contractual employees and lecturers only symbolized the anger, contempt and revulsion of the respective classes against an unresponsive govt and corrupt Ministers behaving as unquestionable despots.

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