For parents, social media is more dangerous than drugs -
For parents, social media is more dangerous than drugs
Posted 12 Mar 2018 11:44 AM

It seems parents fear social media technology so much that they think it is more dangerous than drugs, alcohol or smoking.

According to a survey carried out by ReachOut, an internet initiative to help young people with their mental health, Australian parents are more worried about their children using social media and technology than drugs, alcohol or smoking.

The youth mental health support service surveyed parents of 12 to 18-year-olds about their concerns and found that 45 per cent were worried about their children's use of social media.

Ironically, technology came a close second, at 42 percent.

However, the fear from some common malefactors such as drugs, alcohol, or smoking came was reported by only 25 percent parents.

The ABC quoted Jono Nicholas, Chief Executive, Reach Out, as saying that the parents were more worried about the everyday use of social media and technology.

"Unlike some of those other products, where I guess from a parent's point of view, you can at least try and keep them away", explained Nicholas.

The ReachOut had earlier surveyed 890 parents in December 2017.

Nicholas said that the anonymity related to social media is what concerned the parents the most.

"They're really concerned about the nature of bullying that may happen on social media sites and how easy it is given that this is a product that young people are likely to use every day", Nicholas further noted.

Nicholas continued, "That the harm and particularly the psychological harm can be really significant".
The ReachOut is hoping the technology companies to become more responsible when it comes to the young people, said The ABC.

The survey found that the parent's number one concern was education and study stress among their children.
Commenting on the same, Nicholas said, "What it shows you is that for many families it's the everyday, what we would call kitchen-table mental health issues that are causing them the most stress".

He further pointed out that in recent times, the education system has made certain changes to alleviate the pressure on students, but a lot more needs to be done in the matter.

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