Fasting may cut risk of heart disease: Sushil -
Fasting may cut risk of heart disease: Sushil
Posted 19 Mar 2018 01:20 PM

On the auspicious day of first Navratra, Dr Sushil Sharma, HoD Cardiology SSH and his team on Sunday held a day long camp to aware people about the incidence of cardiovascular diseases here at Shiv Mandir, Apna Vihar.
More than 250 people were screened and advised during the camp. Clinical and lab evaluation like ECG, blood sugar and lipid evaluation were done and free medicines were distributed as per the requirement.
While interacting with the people, Dr Sushil stated that fasting can help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, control diabetes and reduce weight. Four of the major risks for heart disease are high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and weight. “If we reduce them, we can reduce the risk of heart disease.”
He asserted that no doubt by single act of fasting one can control number of other risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as people tend not to smoke or drink alcohol, which also can reduce heart disease risk. Those who routinely fast show self-control over how many calories they eat and drink and this behaviour may translate into weight control and better eating choices when they aren’t fasting. Periodic fasting and better heart health may also be linked to the way one’s body metabolises cholesterol and sugar. Regular fasting can decrease one’s low-density lipoprotein, or “bad,” cholesterol. This can reduce your risk of gaining weight and developing diabetes, which are both risk factors for heart disease.
He advised that ‘Fasting’ is not for everyone. “There are some dangers for people such as women who are pregnant or lactating, young children, people who are diabetic and those who have eating disorders,” Dr Sushil said adding that it is necessary to strictly adhere to the medications during fasting particularly in people with diabetes, hypertension and underlying Cardio Vascular diseases. Further there is need to revisit the traditional practices of cooking foods and switch to healthier food alternatives while observing fasts for better heart health.
Residents of the area including Neeraj Tandon, Vijay Sharma, Dr Ravinder Rattan Pal, Dr Vijay Sharma, B.R Chandan, B.B Gupta, Pritam Singh Jamwal and Col Dr. S.C Gupta applauded the efforts of Dr Sushil and his team for accepting their request and conducting cardiac awareness camp in their locality for the welfare of the people.
Others who were instrumental in this endeavour include Dr Dhaneshwar Kapoor and Dr Kewal Sharma. Paramedics and volunteers who were part of the team includes Vivek Arya (Scientist and Social activist), Vikas Kumar, Kamal Sharma, Raghav Rajput, Harsh Dev, Rohit Kataria, Amandeep Singh, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Akshay Kumar, Rajinder Singh, Rajeev Vohra and Rajkumar.

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