Proposed surrender policy will lure youth to terrorism: Sethi -
Proposed surrender policy will lure youth to terrorism: Sethi
Posted 23 Mar 2018 03:44 PM

New proposed policy for surrendered terrorists is ill thought and will result in swaying more youth towards terrorism to avail benefits promised under this policy. This will surely be against interest of nation and people. The thinking behind conceiving such policy is bereft of any rationale.
This was stated by State Bhartiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson, Sunil Sethi in a statement issued here on Thursday.
Sethi said that giving incentives to terrorists and their supporters has never given desired results and such appeasement in fact affects morale of forces engaged to combat terrorism. He said a person taking to terrorism should expect no reward or recognition from the State and the only thing he should expect in the hands of government is punishment for his crimes against nation and humanity.
He said at a time when State is not in position to provide jobs to youth and it is becoming difficult for educated youth to survive financially, the State should be concerned about finding ways to provide jobs and financial supports to educated and skilled youth rather than thinking about welfare of terrorists.
Sethi further said that interest of nation is paramount to the party and it will always stand as strong voice of nationalistic forces and ensure that terrorists and their supporters will not be allowed to gain one State. He said the only land which can be given to a terrorist is his grave and the only justice he should expect is punishment for his crimes.

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