Summer Recipe: How to make wood apple squash (Bael Ka Sharbat) -
Summer Recipe: How to make wood apple squash (Bael Ka Sharbat)
Posted 05 Apr 2018 04:52 PM

Summers are almost here. Apart from protecting your skin and hair from the scorching sun, it is equally important to keep your body cool. Although there are many soft drinks and coolers available in the market, but nothing can compare to the wood apple squash which we fondly refer to as ‘Bael Ka Sharbat’. Wood apple squash is very popular in India and people usually drink it during summers. Let’s learn how to make Bael Ka Sharbat at home.

The best part of making Bael Ka Sharbat is that you only need three things to make this refreshing summer drink.
Wood apple-2
Sugar-4 tablespoon
Chilled water
How to make Bael Ka Sharbat?
Take a wood apple and smash it on a hard surface to break it in halves. Take its pulp out and transfer it in a utensil. Add water in double quantity than the pulp.

Mash the pulp using your hands or a masher. Transfer the content to a heavy strainer and take the juice out by pressing the soggy pulp using a spoon.

Add sugar to the juice separated out in the container. Add ice cubes to make it more chilled. You can also add salt or cumin seeds according to your taste. 1 Kg of wood apples will yield you 4-5 glasses of Bael Ka Sharbat.

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