Theatre workshop at KCPS culminates -
Theatre workshop at KCPS culminates
Posted 06 Apr 2018 01:07 PM

About 50 students of KC Public School (KCPS) attended a 12-day theatre workshop organised by Pratiush Toor-an eminent theatre expert from Delhi specialising in children’s theatre.
The workshop focused on quite a few tenets of Round Square Discovery Framework (RSDF) such as tenacity, teamwork, responsibility, communication, inventiveness and self-awareness.
As a cohesive group, they learnt and practiced various theatre skills like acting, live-singing, mask-making, make-up, props and costume designing.
Simultaneously, the children also worked on three scripts to be presented as performances on the last day of the workshop in front of their parents.
The performances were put up on the evening of April 4 at the Mandua Open-air Theatre on school campus and the parents of all the participants were invited to watch them.
The show began with a mime involving about 10 children from classes 3 to 8. A street play ‘Kitaben Karti Hain Batein’ scripted by Maitri Gupta, a participant from class 8 was also presented.
The evening concluded with presentation of Bhartendu Harishchandra’s Hindi magnum opus ‘Andher Nagri, Chaupat Raja’.
All the actors gave superb performances and Arham Jain and Karmanya Gupta stood out in their lead roles in the satirical play with a universal theme.
School Director Arti Chowdhary gave away certificates to the participants and praised them for their wonderful performance in the three productions and for putting into practice some key RSDF skills they have acquired as students of a Round Square School.

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