Poster of BJP leader license to illegal constructions -
Poster of BJP leader license to illegal constructions
Posted 07 Apr 2018 05:44 PM

Use a poster of any BJP bigwig and do whatever and howsoever illegal job you like. This became evident when a larger than life size poster of State BJP Chief and West Constituency MLA Sat Sharma, got displayed on top of under construction building adjoining Bakshi Nagar Police
Station. In the shadow of the poster whatever is coming up is in blatant violation of norms. The illegal construction speaks volumes about the con￾nivance of Jammu Municipal Corporation. Obviously, the builder is making mockery of Municipal laws.
Surprisingly, the offices of SHO Bakshi Nagar and SDPO West also have no objections.
Last year, a hotel named PR was constructed on the same road and the builder used same technique–poster of MLA Sat Sharma Cheers up. This is called Ache Din.
The locals have expressed resentment and concern over brazen violation by unscrupulous elements, whose modus operandi remains to exploit their connection with ruling politicians. In this case, they said that silence over display of the flex of the MLA and the President of the State Unit of BJP conveys tacit approval to the illegal construction. They were annoyed over the mute silence of the civic author￾ities, which have allowed the construction, reportedly in complete violationof the norms.
This is not the first time when violators have taken refuge under the political cover and continued with their illegalities. There are reports of money having exchanged hands, not only within the unscrupulous elements of the JMC but at political level as well.
The locals have demanded immediate stop to the construction work and demo￾lition of the portions raised in violation of the approved building plan, if any.
The locals are particular peeved over these violations taking place under the BJP partnered regime that flaunted high moral grounds when in the opposition against encroachers, violators and land grabbers

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