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Posted 16 Apr 2018 11:27 AM

Crime has become a vital and integral part of India nowadays. It has been spreading all over the place like the plague, earlier we used to hear news related to criminal activities mostly in Metropolitan cities but slowly and gradually it has reached our holy city Jammu also which is termed as the city of temples. People even don’t fear of committing the crime in the holy places also. Where is our community heading towards a successful path or in a black hole? On one hand we hear success stories of women athletes bringing laurels to our country and on the other hand, we hear brutal behavior with an 8-year old child.
Whether it is a fight between two communities or any other reason why the consequences have to be paid by women only why men can’t be man enough to respect the integrity of a woman.
Is it the upbringing of a woman that she can’t inculcate good values in her boy and teach him to respect girls around him or is it the society that this generation is facing which revolves around criminalism.
Watching and hearing such incidence people in future will fear to have the girl child. Whereas our Govt, is promoting the schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, but what is the fun of saving a girl if she will be raped in the near future. Every individual will now be frightened to give birth to girls now.
Let’s pray and hope that the innocent girl you became a victim of such ignorant people will get justice one day and our Government will do preventive measures to stop such menace in the country.

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