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Positive and negative impact of Online Shopping
Posted 03 May 2018 03:21 PM

In this era of smartphones, people are also becoming smarter every day. They find it difficult and a time-consuming task to visit the physical stores and do shopping for apparels, cosmetics, groceries, shoes and plenty of other things. So, they simply download the website's app and within few clicks, they complete their shopping that too without any wastage of time.
Online shopping is effective in many ways as it does save your time, your conveyance charges, and even your energy.
Online websites nowadays are even offering great discounts and cash back, which is the most appealing and irresistible factor of online shopping.
If a consumer is not satisfied with the product he/she can even return/exchange the product and raise a refund request. whereas in the case of the offline market, the shopkeeper never returns your money.
Online shopping can be fruitful only if you do the transactions cleverly and with great caution. The online market is flooded with fake products which are clearly visible in the comments provided by the consumers. So, before getting your hands on your favorite item do check carefully and you need to do some research also regarding the website you are purchasing from.

On the other hand in the physical store, the consumer can check and feel the quality of the product, which is not possible with online shopping.
Now that is solely a consumer's decision to shop online or offline. Everyone should try shopping both online as well as offline as you will get a broader view yourself. Nothing is harmful if you shop from a trusted website.
Happy Shopping!

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