All is not well with Postal System in Leh -
All is not well with Postal System in Leh
Posted 12 May 2018 01:43 PM

All is certainly not that well with India Post when it comes to the handling of consignments dispatched for Leh from different parts of the country and across the globe.
It may sound far-fetched to hear that it takes as long as six months for a parcel to reach Leh from New Delhi or other places but this is a reality and some consignments have reportedly taken longer while some have never made to their final destination. These days the Head Post Office is seen surrounded by heaps of parcels that it has just received from its registry parcel hub Srinagar. The way how parcels are kept open in the scorching sun itself speaks volume about the kind of a system that is being followed.
Dozens of customers complained the late receipts of their consignments including speed posts and many are still waiting to receive their parcels dispatched from outside Ladakh in November-December last year. Admitting the kind of inconveniences being faced by the public, Superintendent of Post Offices, Head Post Office Leh, Chandra Mohan, told STATE TIMES that the delay in receiving registered parcels has been caused by the closure of Leh-Srinagar Highway.
“Our Registry Post hub is in Srinagar while Speed Post Hub is in Delhi,” Chandra Mohan informed, adding that it is only speed posts that are sent to Leh by flights.
Expressing concern over the complaints that parcels are found unsealed and torn at the time of delivery in Leh, Superintendent of Post Offices said that he himself monitors at the time when parcels are unloaded at Leh. Hundreds of people are still waiting to receive their parcels and speed posts dispatched to them after the restoration of the Leh-Srinagar Road this year. If someone tracks a consignment number on the internet and the result shows that it has been dispatched to Leh, one cannot find it in Leh Post Office in a systematic way because everything is still being handled manually. All parcels have been stacked in the most unprofessional way from the corridors of the Post Office to the ground within its premises exposed open to the scorching sun, sandy wind and perhaps to rain and snow also during bad weather. The prevailing state of affairs with the postal system of Leh doesn’t seem to be something new. “I complained in 2011 when only 4 out of 52 issues of a weekly magazine arrivedin one year, but the officers in Leh denied it. They said it must be lost in Jammu,” a customer complained.
Another customer, Tsultim Dorjay said his friend in Italy few years ago sent him a goggle but he received a Rs. 300 goggle in Leh. “It was clearly visible that the original one was swapped with a locally available Chinese one. I complained at post office in Leh but they said it came like this only from Sringar/Delhi post office. Nothing happened,” he alleged.
Customers also alleged that many complaints registered regarding grievances remain pending for long without any solution.

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