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‘Successive Govts ignore Kashmiri migrant relief holders’
Posted 15 May 2018 05:31 PM

Kashmiri Migrant Relief Holders and Over Aged Youth Forum on Monday said that their issues are being ignored by successive State and Central Governments for last 28 years.
“Be it the issues of their survival, economic rehabilitation or health insurance cover, government has deaf and dumb approach towards every issue,” Rohit Pandit, a representative of the Forum told reporters here.
The Forum Members said that for last 28 years false promises have been given by the government at state as well as centre regarding our return and rehabilitation with dignity and honour but it seems an unrealistic distant dream.
This unresponsive, callous attitude of the successive Governments both at state and centre level has brought the community and youth in particular at cross road, they said.
Approx 19,118 families as of date are being provided a meager daily survival support of Rs 83 per soul which by no means is even sufficient to carry out basic survival needs in present day scenario.
Time and again relief holders have been demanding from both the state and center Governments to enhance the cash assistance to Rs 300 per day per person so that the basic necessities of life could be carried out, but again inimical approach from the Government has led the over aged unemployed relief holders youth in distress and dejected.
Kashmiri migrant relief holders and over aged youth demanded economic empowerment by way of self employment schemes /packages or projects for unemployed youth but successive Governments have let down them again with their hollow promises.
As of date no conclusive road map has been designed for over aged unemployed youth to rehabilitate them economically, they said.

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