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Karnataka Election Results 2018 : BJP bribing JD(S) MLAs with Rs 100 crore each, claims Kumaraswamy
Posted 16 May 2018 01:45 PM

No single party was able to win a majority of 113 seats in the Karnataka elections, paving way for frantic negotiations and post-poll alliances on Tuesday. The BJP, which won 104 seats in the 224-member House, emerged as the single largest party but fell short of complete majority. The Congress, with 78 seats, and the JD(S) with 37 — together they have 117 seats (with the support of 1 BSP and 1 Independent) — rushed to join hands and stake claim to form the government in a bid to keep the BJP out of power in the state.
Counting is complete in 222 of 224 seats. Two of the seats, RR Nagar and Jayanagar, will see repoll on May 28. Voting, which took place on May 12, saw Karnataka’s highest voter turnout (72.13 per cent) since the 1952 Assembly elections.

Horsetrading, 'missing' MLAs, Rs 100 crore bribe — what's happened so far
In case you're just tuning in, here's a summary of events that have taken place today. A day after Karnataka registered a fractured verdict in the elections, the BJP and the Congress-JD(S) combine have approached the Governor to stake claim to form the government. The alliance parties have alleged horsetrading and accused the BJP of trying to poach their MLAs. Amid rumours of MLAs missing from the JD(S) camp, its leader H D Kumaraswarmy warned that he would take double the number of MLAs the BJP tries to steal. He also alleged the BJP was offering his MLAs Rs 100 crore in cash to switch sides.

From the BJP camp, meanwhile, B S Yeddyurappa was named legislative party leader this morning after which he went to Raj Bhavan to meet the governor. Exuding confidence in forming the next government, he said he was told by the Governor that an "appropriate" decision will be taken.

13:16 (IST)
16 MAY 2018

Of the 222 constituencies which went to polls on May 12, the BJP won in 104 seats, while the Congress won in 78 and JD-S won in 38 seats, along with its ally Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), throwing up a hung assembly in the state.
The SC bench did not accept the vehement submission of senior advocate Shyam Divan, representing Karnataka, that the finalisation of the draft Cauvery scheme be put on hold till the first week of July as the process of government formation was on in the state. "All the states concerned are making submissions to the draft scheme. I am requesting for adjournment till the first week of July as I do not have the assistance and instruction from the council of ministers of Karnataka," Divan said. "It was the Centre which has to set up the draft scheme," the court said while rejecting Karnataka's plea.


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16 MAY 2018

SC rejects Karnataka's plea to stall finalisation of draft Cauvery scheme
Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has rejected Karnataka's plea that finalisation of the draft Cauvery management scheme should be put on hold as the process of formation of a new government in the state is underway.
Will meet Gov once again and stake claim to form the govt: Kumaraswamy
"We are going to meet the Governor once again and will stake the claim to form the government," says Kumaraswamy.

12:54 (IST)
16 MAY 2018

‘If you try to take our MLAs, we will bring twice the numbers of your MLAs into our fold," Kumaraswamy threatens BJP.
BJP working against secular fabric of the country: Kumaraswamy
"BJP has also made an offer. If I side with them, the majority will be 140. But I feel responsible that I have already caused a dot in my father's political career already because of my decision to go with the BJP in 2004 and 2005," said Kumaraswamy. He also accused the BJP of working against secular fabric of the country.

"I didn't ask for the CM post, the Congress have offered me unconditional support," the JDS leader said.

12:44 (IST)
16 MAY 2018

"I feel in a way I have caused damage to my father's secular identity. I had told my media friends that only JDS in Karnataka can stop BJP's run after up elections. In rural areas, people have supported me in large numbers in that mission. My vote share has grown in rural areas significantly," said Kumaraswamy during the presser.
The results of the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 were announced on Tuesday for 222 of 224 seats. The BJP secured 104 seats to emerge as the largest single party, The Congress, which swept the state in 2013 winning 122 seats in the House, won only 78 seats. The JD(S), which emerged as a key player in the polls, won 37 seats. The Congress moved swiftly yesterday to cobble up an alliance with the JD(S), offering unconditional support to JD (S) leader H D Kumaraswamy. Both camps have approached the Governor to stake claim to form the government.

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