Health Minister bans free voluntary medical camps -
Health Minister bans free voluntary medical camps
Posted 29 May 2018 05:11 PM

The Health Minister has ordered ban on the free voluntary medical camps. An order to this effect has been issued by the Principal Medical College wherein she has stated that no faculty member or consultant of GMC and Associated Hospitals shall hold any medical camp.
The order reads, “As per the standing directions of the Minister for Health and Medical Education, J&K during his visit held on May 18, 2018, no faculty member/consultant of Government Medical College and Associated Hospitals, Jammu shall hold any medical/diagnostic camp without prior permission/approval of the administrative department.”
There is a strong resentment against this order.
Dimpy Kohli, State President Shiv Sena J&K said that the Health Minister should clarify the reason for issuing such an order which is not in the interest of the people. “Holding medical camps is a noble initiative and is always welcomed by all the sections of society. The government should extend all sorts of help to the NGOs and social organisations in holding medical camps in the far flung areas instead of restraining the faculty members/consultants of Government Medical College from becoming part of such an endeavour”, he said. He also questioned Health Minister’s lopsided stand which has singled out GMC and its Associated Hospitals while the rest of the State run health institutions have been given special immunity and are not included in this order.
He also questioned, “Why not the Health Minister has ordered ban on the much-needed private practice of doctors and why not health minister should take stern action to root out nexus of doctors and path labs across the State which is directly affecting the healthcare facilities in J&K”?
Sanjay Manhas, Congress leader said that our Health Department is not capable of providing adequate medical facilities to the people of the State d ue to shortage of doctors and infrastructure. “The State-run peripheral set-up has simply become referral agency and in case of any emergent situation, the people manning the health centres in far-off hamlets just pass the buck and refer cases to GMC Jammu for treatment. NGOs remain on forefront extending help in such situations.
The Health Minister should have pondered twice before issuing such a controversial order which is bound to receive wide-spread condemnation from all sections of society”, he maintained.
Sagar Pradhan, social activist expressed resentment against such dictatorial order issued by the Health Minister who himself is a doctor and is well versed about the importance of holding free medical camps for the poor and needy people. “There is shortage of medicos in almost every part of the State. The medical camps help to bridge the gaps. In the medical camps, people also get various facilities like free medical tests and medicines besides these also save time and money of the people thus providing much needed succour”, he asserted.
Manoj Kumar, Panthers Trade Union Kathua District President said that the aforesaid order issued by the Health Minister is illogical and bad in administrative parlance for a number of reasons, apart from denying the needy ailing people some sort of medical support. In view of the present situation on borders of Jammu, Samba and Akhnoor Districts, the situation demands more and more number of medical camps. Voluntarily contribution of doctors or paramedical officers will provide relief to border dwellers living in temporary shelters which otherwise is not possible in the government health centres.

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