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Ramadan Special 2018: Prepare these delicious delicacies for your Iftar party
Posted 30 May 2018 01:33 PM

Ramadan, also known as Ramzan, is observed by Muslims all around the world as a month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad, as per the Islamic belief. The holy month is observed by the followers of the faith solemnly with fasting and abstaining from other pleasures.

The purpose of the fast is to bring the faithful devotees closer to God and to remind them of the sufferings of those who are less fortunate. According to the holy book of Quran, during the month of Ramzan, Muslims are supposed to feed the hungry and donate to charities.

After a hectic day of fasting in this sultry heat, people get together in the community to break their fast by eating different varieties of fruits, fries and other delicacies. To break the fast, a large, sumptuous feast known as “iftar” is prepared and it is only natural that people look forward to enjoying this meal together with family and friends.

As Ramzan is being observed, here are a few delicious recipes you can try this year. While some are simple, others are known recipes with an interesting twist.

By Chef Abhijeet, Dum Maro Dum


1 kg – Flour
20g – Yeast
80ml – Milk
15g – Salt
15g – Sugar
1 or 2 – Saffron
Water as required


* Take a pan and heat the milk until it becomes lukewarm.
* Add saffron to it and stir.
* Add all the ingredients and make a soft dough.
* Leave it for around 1 to 2 hours or until it becomes double in size.
* Then make rotis and cook in tandoor at medium temperature.

Keema Lasagne
By Vaibhav Bhargava, corporate chef at Molecule Air n Bar

60ml – Oil
1 – Bay leaf
15g – Ginger paste
15g – Ginger paste
200g – Onion (minced)
15g – Chilli powder
2g – Turmeric powder
1 kg – Chicken boneless thigh (minced)
500g – Tomatoes (cubes)
15g – Keema spice mix
1/2 packet – Lasagne sheets readymade
200g – Mozzarella and cheddar cheese mix (grated)
Salt to taste
6 or 7 – Basil for garnish

For Keema spice mix:
15g – Coriander seeds
30g – Cumin
15g – Fennel seeds
5g – Cinnamon stick
5g – Black pepper
7 or 8 – Cardamom seeds removed from pods
8 or 10 – Cloves


* For Keema spice mix, dry roast all the keema spice ingredients together.
* Grind the roasted keema spice into a fine powder. Set aside.
* Now, in a pan, heat the oil up. Toss in the bay leaf and then the onions.
* Sauté until onions soften. Add ginger and garlic paste. Continue to sauté.
* Add turmeric, chilli powder and tomatoes.
* Continue to cook until tomatoes soften and oil starts to come out from the sides of the pan.
* Now add minced chicken, keema spice mix and season with salt.
* Stir to combine all ingredients and continue to cook until the keema thickens.
* To assemble it, preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Spread a layer of keema into a 9” x 9” baking tray.
* Cover keema with lasagne sheets. Add another layer of keema over the lasagne sheets.
* Place the last layer of lasagne sheets, topping up with the remaining keema.
* Sprinkle cheese and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for about 30 mins or until the cheese melts and forms a golden-brown crust.
* Garnish with basil and serve it crisp.

Chowk ke Nihari Kulcha Tacos
By Vishal Kochhar, executive chef at Gravity Spacebar

1 kg – Mutton (boneless)
500g – Mutton (paaya)
80g – Ghee
2 – Onions (finely sliced)
15g – Ginger paste
15g – Ginger paste
5g – Coriander powder
2.5g – Turmeric powder
15g – Besan
45g – Nihari masala
500g – Curd
2 – Green cardamom
2 – Cinnamon sticks
2 – Clove
2 – Star Anish
3 – Green chilli
Salt to taste

For Kulcha:
500g – Refined flour
50g – Fine semolina
5g – Sugar
50g – Ghee
225ml – Water
Salt to taste

For assembling:
10g – Ice berg lettuce
10g – Green chilli
1 – Capsicum
150g – Mayo
10g – Fried onions
5g – Ginger juliennes


* For the kulcha, combine all the ingredients in a bowl and knead it well until it is semi-soft. Cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for half an hour.
* Now make small balls out of the dough, spread through the hands and cook it either in tandoori or on a griddle.
* For the nihari, heat ghee in a heavy bottom saucepan and add all the whole spices. Let them hasten up and add onions and fry until brown.
* Now add mutton, mutton paaya, ginger paste, garlic, coriander powder, green chilli and mix it well.
* Add water and let it simmer for some time till the till time mutton is tender. Add nicely whisked curd and adjust salt and let it simmer for further another 15 minutes.
* Roast the capsicum and green chilli in an oven or on direct flame. Deskin and seedless the capsicum and chilli. Turn it up in the blender with mayo and a touch of lemon juice.
* Now, take the kulcha and spread green chilli mayo followed by some iceberg, add nihari and garnish with fried onions and ginger juliennes. Serve hot with little nihari gravy.

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