BMW iNEXT All-Electric SUV On The Cards -
BMW iNEXT All-Electric SUV On The Cards
Posted 31 May 2018 05:11 PM

With the world moving quickly towards electric mobility, it is no surprise that automakers are scrambling all their resources to bring out the one body style that everyone really wants - the crossover or SUV. BMW has already announced an all-electric SUV by 2020 with the new iX3 and now a larger electric SUV is slated for launch in 2021 - the BMW iNEXT. The new BMW iNEXT will be the size of the current BMW X3 and will take on the likes of the Jaguar iPace. The iNEXT will serve as a flagship model for the BMW i lineup until of course, as always, it is shadowed by a larger and more flamboyant SUV.
According to a report by Automotive News, the BMW iNEXT SUV will be be produced in the Dingolfin factory and will adopt a more crossover like design as compared to a full blown SUV like design language. The report also claims that BMW insider has confirmed that the car will be larger than the other electric SUV on offer in the BMW stable at the time and will adopt a very similar shape (apart from size) to the Jaguar I-Pace.

The iNEXT will most likely be showcased in concept form but with a 'Vision' tag possibly at the upcoming Paris Auto Show. The SUV in its vision concept form is expected to have Level 4 Autonomy and an all-electric range of 400 miles or about 640 kms along with features like quick charging and of course, the iconic BMW front end with the twin kidney grills.

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