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Water Crisis: Causes, Effects and 5 Ways of cope with Water Shortage
Posted 31 May 2018 05:39 PM

With increasing population and sudden climatic changes, it has become important to understand that the resources we have are not going to support us for long. In fact, in many places of the world, people are already facing water scarcity, they either don’t have water to drink or the water they have is not suitable for drinking. The recent case being of Shimla. The hill station is going through a dry spell as for the seventh consecutive day, people in Shimla don’t have water to drink and Municipal Corporation is unable to fulfil the water demands in the city.

This situation in Shimla is proof that clean drinking water has become a thing of past and in future, many more cities and countries will be affected by it. So it is high time that we start conserving water. But to conserve water, first, we should know what makes it turn into a dream.

Causes of Water Scarcity

- Overuse of water: We should remember what we learn in school and keep the tap close when not using.
- Pollution of Water: Looking at areas with high population and no proper sewage system, water pollution becomes common. As the result, even drinking water gets polluted.
- Drought: Nature can be threatening at times. Drought serves as the major reason for water scarcity with increasing global warming.
- Conflict and distance: Many a times conflict over a land leads to water scarcity in the area as nobody gets to use the water resources in that particular land. Other times, masses suffer from water shortage because their land is far away from any place that has water.

Effects of Water Scarcity

- Lack of Drinking Water
- Diseases and Sanitation Issues
- No water, No crops. Hence, hunger
- Poverty

5 Ways of cope with Water Shortage

- Agricultural Water Productivity

This is no news that Farming accounts for 70% of water usage, so there is a lot of scope of water conservation in agriculture. One way is to do crop optimization and grow more crops that need less water. Litres of water can also be saved in irrigation, by not letting the water go to whichever corner but to the roots of the crops.

- Increasing Water Storage

Storing rainwater is the most effective way of conserving water. Save rainwater and then use it for various purposes. One can even get the water filtered and use it for drinking. Making reservoir that holds up water is also a good option.

- Limiting Population Growth

Noone can deny population growth is the cause of many problems. More mouths to feed, more resources needed.

- Improve Sewage System

Other than polluting water, bad sewage brings along a number of disease and illness. Without proper sanitation, the water in an area becomes ridden with germs and becomes unsuitable for consumption.

- Recycle Water

This is a childhood teaching- Always Reuse, Reduce and Recycle the resources. It’s time that we start implementing it. Nowadays, there are plenty of technologies out there that allow you to recycle rainwater and other water that you may be using in your home. One can even make a DIY recycle plant at home.

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