Modi’s wax masculine image fast melting: Harsh -
Modi’s wax masculine image fast melting: Harsh
Posted 04 Jun 2018 05:29 PM

With BJP facing a humiliating defeat in the recent by polls held for Parliamentary and Assembly seats, the people of the country have given a clear message that they can no longer be swayed by rhetoric and false promises, said Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and former Minister.
“People would give you a chance but if you fail to perform, they would not hesitate to show you the door” said Harsh pointing towards the forgotten promises of BJP.
Addressing public meetings in Bri Kamila and Nagrota villages of Samba Constituency, Harsh said that people of the country were immensely pained to bear the brunt of unchecked inflation and raging prices, growing unemployment and a sagging economy besides disregard for the high pitched slogans of ‘Achhe Din’ and good governance so loudly trumpeted by the BJP during elections. He said that with BJP winning just one seat out of 10 Assembly seats and merely one out of four Parliamentary seats should be an eye opener for the highly impudent and self flattered BJP which had abandoned its core fundamentals merely for the lust of power.
Calling upon the people to take cue from the recent elections, Harsh said that with Modi’s wax masculine image fast melting, it was the regional parties alone that could meet the public expectations at the local level and mitigate their sufferings.
With the economy of Samba dependent primarily upon Industry, Harsh called upon the government to incentivise the young entrepreneurs who were feeling over stressed in terms of working capital and other procedural impediments.
Describing industry as the one single largest employer in District Samba, he regretted the gradual withdrawal of incentives and other packages which had led to exodus besides denting the industrial proliferation in the area and its vicinity and the eventual retrenchments. He said that lakhs of people who had been given direct and indirect employment by the industrial sector were being affected by the slowdown of the industry which needed to be given due impetus for boosting the economy.
Lauding the industrial package of 2002 announced during Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s regime, Singh said that the incentives helped in managing the massive unemployment besides giving fillip to industrialisation activity.
Yash Paul Kundal, State President Young Panthers and Ex MLA Samba, while seeking a higher share of employment for local youth in Samba industry, called for early settlement of issues pertaining to industry and entrepreneurs.

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