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Dr Ronisha embarks on international makeup accreditations, fall in line with top notch beauty transformers
Posted 04 Jun 2018 05:39 PM

Dr Ronisha, State’s leading makeup artist and daughter of the soil, has brought Jammu and Kashmir aligned to global beauty standards and with that the State is to witness a celebration of a new and unique beauty story, while women to adorn the best looks.
Dr Ronisha is on a mission of spreading smiles to many lives with her magic make up touch.
Creative, professional and amazingly talented, Ronisha, a doctor, CEO, an ace makeup artist is stepping up the bar of beauty standards in the State from time and time again.
After honing her skills by working and acclaiming accreditations from Meenakshi Dutt, she has now worked under the legacy of world renowned Naeem Khan, UK who needs no formal introduction. She is the only makeup artist from the entire State who had this privilege to learn from such experts in the field.
“I have been very fortunate to be the only one from the State to be trained by renowned names like Naeem Khan from UK, Meenakshi Dutt and feel privileged to have got insights from them. Using my knowledge I intend to create my own style to create the appearance of flawless skin and accentuate the rest of the features as naturally as possible”, she said.
Dr Ronisha has made her mark for developing extremely advanced techniques and application skills as ‘The Ronisha Makeovers.’ She is considered to be the top notch beauty transformer in Jammu and Kashmir and is being talked about the make-up prodigy due to her self- adapted methods to accomplish that empowerment and satisfied look for her client by creating a custom approach and blend each element synergising to create a unique portrait of total beauty and great style. Ronisha also launched her own makeup academy too and ventured as an educator and a beauty entrepreneur. Ronisha is willing to share her knowledge with the youth of the state and envisions opening entrepreneurship opportunities for the women in the State.
“The idea of opening an academy is to provide the platform that has been missing in the State. I had to cover distances to acquire the knowledge I possess today and I want to share the same with the youth of the State making them empowered and self-sufficient in some manner. I feel sad that there are less of opportunities especially in makeup genre in our State. I proudly have turned down luring offers from outside and chose to open the academy in Jammu so that we could create women entrepreneurs or artists who make mark in the beauty industry bringing the State aligned to global beauty facets”, Dr. Ronisha added.
Ronisha, a dentist by her education background is surely on a mission to help, boost the self-esteem of women of the State in many ways while bringing smiles to their faces as she continues to engulf them with the makeup craft. Her make-up line, Ronisha Makeovers has trumpet the triumph in a short span of time what other makeup artists takes ages to achieve and going by what clients and beauty industry talks, she can be righty termed as J&K’s top notch beauty transformer for everything her work reflects and her persona justifies.

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