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eMotion Surge Electric Motorcycle Revealed
Posted 06 Jun 2018 12:03 PM

Electric two-wheelers are finally taking off in India. After the launch of the Ather 340 and the Ather 450, there is one more electric motorcycle which was recently revealed, the eMotion Surge. eMotion is a Coimbatore based company which manufactures electric two-wheelers. The renderings of the Surge were revealed on the company's website and it looks to be a proper naked middleweight motorcycle. With an edgy, angular design, the eMotion Surge looks pretty cool, at least in pictures. It is yet to be confirmed whether the eMotion Surge will ever make to production or not. But one thing that is confirmed is the fact that there are many start-ups in the electric two-wheeler space in India and they are doing good work. The future of mobility is electric and these companies have already embraced the fact and so should we.

The eMotion Surge was developed over a period of seven years and has undergone 30,000 kilometres of rigorous testing. It has a 40 Ah lithium-ion battery which gives it a range of 100 kilometres on single charge. Also, eMotion could provide a range extender battery pack which will enable the bike to cover 200 kilometres on a single charge. The bike makes 28 Nm of torque at the motor and an astounding 517 Nm at the wheel. The company claims that the bike will do the 0-60 kmph sprint in less than 4 seconds and will have a top speed of 120 kmph. Ohh! And the eMotion Surge is a semi-geared motorcycle.

The bike will also have added features such as smartphone integration, navigation, cloud connectivity, over-the-air updates, geo-fencing, anti-theft safety features and a 7-inch LED screen as well. The bike will also have a reverse function, which could be a boon in tight parking spaces. There is no word on expected pricing yet.

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