Minister blatantly inaugurates school buildings constructed 7-8 years back: Harsh -
Minister blatantly inaugurates school buildings constructed 7-8 years back: Harsh
Posted 06 Jun 2018 05:09 PM

Alleging total bankruptcy of Education Deptt in the State, Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and former Education Minister, expressed dismay over the online inauguration of several schools buildings by the Education Minister on May 31, 2018 in respect of several of such buildings having been constructed 7-8 years back in the previous regime. Making a mention of some of the online inaugurations by the Education Minister in May 2018, Singh said that of these PS Seri was constructed in the year 2010, MS Trilla in 2013, MS Touri in 2013, MS Koghar Marh in 2013-14 and so on.
Ridiculing the obsession of the present Ministers for ribbon cutting and inaugurations, Singh called upon the Education Ministers to concentrate on bringing about the much needed reforms in the Education sector rather than indulging in theatrics and cheap politicking.
Asserting that education should not get entangled in any political contestation, he called for revocation of all irregular transfer orders besides cancellation of all attachments made on political grounds. Alleging collapse of education edifice in the State, Harsh regretted that the helmsmen were openly misusing the department to promote their vested political interests.
He said that the Education Department had become a hub of dirty politics where the ministers and MLAs were openly abusing the system in furtherance of their petty personal motives by giving a damn to the much trumpeted policies and norms. With midterm transfers and attachments of teaching staff on political and other considerations being issued with impunity, he regretted that there was none to take cognizance of such blatant violations of transfer policy and the so called ban on transfers. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.
Harsh claimed that during his tenure as Education Minister he had ordered 100% detachments of teaching staff with a beginning having been made by detaching the siblings of ministers, MLAs and top bureaucrats before initiating action against the un-influential.
He said that not a single transfer was made from city to city thus upholding the concept of accountability and transparency which was applauded and appreciated across the board by all members of legislative Assembly irrespective of their political affiliations besides all teachers associations. He regretted that the gains of reforms in Education introduced by him had been frittered away by corrupt officers and politicians for their vested petty interests.
Alleging gradual deterioration in Education system over the years, Singh said that criminal apathy of the helmsmen towards this vital Deptt had proved the major stumbling block in the development of our human resources.
The discontent among teachers, pupils and the general public especially of remote and far flung areas was fast growing, said Singh.
Gagan Pratap Singh State Secretary JKNPP and Parshotam Parihar State Secretary Panthers Trade Union were also present in the press conference.

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