BJP’s political stock depleted: Harsh -
BJP’s political stock depleted: Harsh
Posted 07 Jun 2018 04:19 PM

Having been denied parity and an equitable share in the state’s resources, the Jammu region continued to suffer a highly biased and prejudicial treatment even during the BJP rule at the Centre and the State, said Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. Rather the share of Jammu region in various sectors including employment and funds allocation had further squeezed during the last few years and mandated Jammu leaders hardly had any say in the affairs of the state, regretted Harsh.
Addressing a public meeting here at Kot Bhalwal, Harsh claimed that with separatists and the boycott fringe setting the agenda for the elected government and the BJP leaders succumbing unilaterally to the dictates of Kashmir centric leadership, the people of Jammu were feeling belittled and betrayed.
Accusing the BJP of having cheated the people by its false rhetoric, Harsh said peoples’ faith in saffron party had completely been shaken and its political stock depleted.
“The BJP which earlier groaned on trivial issues and would nail anyone and everyone for not doing enough for Jammu had itself made the biggest compromises with the honour and pride of Jammu in frequent fixed matches,” he said, adding not only that, the BJP further tried to cheat the people of Jammu by its double dealing and duplicity over various issues including Rasana case and decision of unilateral ceasefire.
Harsh said not only has the party jettisoned its age old fundamentals with slogans like Art 370 having been pushed into the oblivion but its own government shamelessly engaged a battery of lawyers in Supreme Court to defend Art 35A which it opposed for around six decades.
Challenging the BJP leadership to prove the fulfilment of even a single commitment made by it prior to elections, Harsh said that the delivery on its promises had rather been in inverse proportion to the articulation of the promise itself.
Among those who spoke on the occasion include Gagan Partap Singh, Naresh Chib, Parshotam Parihar, Suresh Kumar Bhagat, Nirmal Kishore, Rakesh Sharma, Aditya Hans, Partap Singh, Anwar Massih, Stiffness Gill, Rakesh Sharma, Romesh Massih, Bittu Sarpanch, Ravinder Jamwal, Satvir and Subash Sharma.

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