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DB directives in PIL for de-congesting Amphalla-Janipur Road
Posted 07 Jun 2018 04:26 PM

A Division Bench (DB) of the State High Court comprising Justice Dhiraj Singh Thakur and Justice Sanjay Gupta on Wednesday issued various directives in a Public Interest Litigation regarding de-congesting/widening of the Amphalla-Janipur Road and Janipur- High Court Road.
The DB after hearing Senior Advocate B.S Salathia with Advocate Aditya Sharma for the PIL observed, “It seems that the Government has in principle taken a decision for widening the approach road from the main road to the High Court”.
Senior Additional Advocate General H.A Siddiqui submitted the tenders have already been floated on the work of road widening and the tendering process shall be finalised in the month of June, 2018 itself. It was submitted that, the work however cannot start immediately after the finalisation of the tendering process, inasmuch as, certain utilities of the Power Development Department have to be shifted, which may incur a cost of approximately Rs. 1.5 crore, which has also to be released and approved by the Finance Department. A proposal in this regard appears to have been submitted by the PWD Department to the Planning Department vide communication dated December 21, 2017 and only money has to be released by the Planning Department and Finance Department, after the requisite approval. This issue also will be considered by the Principal Secretary, Planning Department and Commissioner / Secretary to Government, Finance Department and the amount be released in favour of the Public Works Department, so that by the time process of tendering is finalised, the process of shifting of PDD utilities can also be undertaken simultaneously with a view to avoid any further delay in the matter.
Upon this, Division Bench directed that the needful be done within a period of three weeks and a compliance report be also submitted by the Principal Secretary, Planning Department and the Commissioner/Secretary to Government, Finance Department by the next date of hearing.
The DB further observed that with regard to the issue of de-congesting/widening of the Amphalla-Janipur Road, it is stated by Sr. AAG HA Siddiqui that a detailed report has since been prepared and submitted by the RITES, which needs to be considered by the Planning Department and an appropriate decision is required to be taken on the same as to which of the options suggested by RITES has to be accepted and executed.
Division Bench observed that let a considered decision be taken keeping in view the long term requirement, the pace of the expansion of the city and the ever increasing population. The decision taken should not be a quick fixed decision but a decision which would hold good for the coming years and take an appropriate decision and compliance report be filed by the next date of hearing.

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