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JAMMU BJP: Between devil and the deep sea
Posted 14 Aug 2018 01:30 PM

JAMMU: With crucial elections to Lok Sabha round the corner and the glamour of its cosmetic presence in the first-ever government in Jammu and Kashmir having faded out, BJP is finding itself between devil and the deep sea. One after another, its leaders are jumping out of the sinking ship and building their castles, not in the air but on the ground, which is slipping from under the feet of the BJP.
Choudhary Lal Singh, who is more taking pride in his newly acquired identity of Dogra Swabhiman Sangthan than the BJP, is out in the open, raking up issues, which were once close to the chest of every Swayamsewak. He is also defying what the BJP is trying to renew to regain its lost space in the erstwhile core constituency of the Jammu region. In a way, he is engineering an open revolt against the BJP, which has already inspired his party colleague from R S Pura, MLA Gagan Bhagat, who has called the first shot of attacking his party’s main plank Article 35A.
Perplexed over open defiance of its two important MLAs from Basohli and R.S Pura, the BJP is struggling to put its act together. The party spokespersons are threatening of action, which is, however, nowhere in the offing. Reason: the BJP’s vulnerability and fragility in the wake of surrendering its core issues after aligning with the PDP to form the government and compromising with Jammu’s interests subsequently. Choudhary Lal Singh has virtually hijacked the BJP agenda by asking the government employees to proceed on mass leave on September 23, to observe the birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh, which his party failed to get declared as public holiday when in the government. The call is to nail the BJP for its failure. Similarly, he has sought separate Public Service Commission and State Subordinate Recruitment Board to bring home the point that the BJP failed in protecting the interests of the Jammu youth, who got a raw deal in recent selections due to alleged hegemony of the PDP in the government. He has vowed to carry forward his campaign for CBI probe into Rassana rape and murder case, which the BJP opposed when in power, saying the Crime Branch investigations were up to the mark. He has gone whole hog against the Kashmir centric leadership for subjugating Jammu and inflicting discrimination with it.
Like a clever politician, Ch Lal Singh is trying to hammer the BJP by its own tools. It is not that these issues are sacrosanct for him but political expediency is driving him to hit hard the helpless BJP. The people of Jammu know well that like many second-fiddlers of the region, Ch Lal Singh has been a front runner in subjecting Jammu to discrimination, deprivation and subjugation during his various stints in the government led by the National Conference, PDP and the Congress. Never ever did he revolt or rake up these issues, which were relevant then than now. He did not quit the government or provoke the employees to abstain for preserving Dogra pride on the Maharaja’s birthday. He will not be in a position to cite even a single act of his protest over the issues that he is raking up now, after having been unceremoniously thrown out of the government. He, like many other Jammu based ministers and leaders, has been hand-in-glove with Kashmir centric masters in hitting hard Dogras and Jammu.
As if embarrassing the BJP is not enough by exposing its weaknesses and bad patches of power sharing, Choudhary Lal Singh is taking his campaign to next level by announcing celebration of a parallel Independence Day function, at a stone’s throw from the BJP headquarters in Trikuta Nagar. It is not that celebrating the Independence Day is unethical but when he is governed by the party discipline, he is expected to show regard to its decisions. There would have been no issue had he decided to organise Independence Day function in his constituency but holding it in Satwari speaks volumes about intention and motivation.
The former minister has sent another teaser to the BJP by refusing to give his mind on Article 35A, despite knowing the party position on this gender discriminatory constitutional provision. Is he contemplating to toe the line of Gagan Bhagat who wants Article 35A to remain intact?
By hurling one after another provocation, Lal Singh is testing patience of the BJP which finds itself between devil and the deep sea. Knowing well the level of sincerity in trumpeting the issues Ch Lal Singh is raking up, the BJP is in a dilemma. Already facing allegations of humiliating, insulting and demonising the Dogras, especially after the Rassana case besides failing in protecting the interests of the Jammu region, the BJP is finding itself in a tight position to act against Lal Singh, which will be construed as an act to annoy Dogras. Will the BJP succumb to emotional blackmail? (to be continued)

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