Parsi New Year 2018: Relish these scrumptious vegetarian Parsi meals -
Parsi New Year 2018: Relish these scrumptious vegetarian Parsi meals
Posted 18 Aug 2018 01:21 PM

Parsis in India are looking forward to celebrating New Year on August 17 this year. Also known as Pateti, the Parsi New Year is believed to be 3000 years old and on this day, people pray for health, wealth and prosperity. One of the major parts of the celebration includes feasting over an elaborate meal, where friends and families come together.
The delicious recipes India kept back from the English and other foreign visitors

While the traditional Parsi dishes hold a special place in our hearts, there are many vegetarian versions that you can try at home for your feast. Here are some recipes that you must try this time around.

Veg Dhansak
By Rajshri Foods

½ cup — Toor dal
¼ cup — Channa dal
¼ cup — Moong dal
¼ cup — Masoor dal
1½ tbsp — Ginger and garlic paste each
1 tbsp — Red chilli powder
1 tsp — Turmeric powder
Salt to taste
4 — Onions (medium, finely chopped)
6 — Tomatoes (finely chopped)
7-8 — Green chilli paste
¼kg — Yellow pumpkin
¼ cup — Mint leaves
½ cup — Methi leaves
3-4 — Bay leaves
3 tbsp — Oil
1 cup — Fresh coriander (chopped)

Dhansak Masala

2” — Cinnamon
1 tsp — Dry coriander seeds
2 tsp — Jeera
10 — Cloves
10 — Peppercorns
¼ tsp — Mustard seeds


* Wash the dals together.

* Wash the mint, pumpkin and methi, and chop the pumpkin into small pieces.

* Add the mint, pumpkin and methi to the dal and pressure cook till the mixed dal is cooked and then mash thoroughly.

* Heat the oil in a pan and add the finely chopped onions and sauté them till they are golden brown.

* Add the ginger, garlic and chilli paste and sauté again.

* Then add the tomatoes and sauté till oil oozes.

* Add the ground masala powder along with the vegetable puree.

* Add the boiled dal and mix well.

* Add the salt and the coriander leaves and boil on a low flame for ten minutes.

* Serve this dhansak with brown rice and kachumhar.

Brown Rice Method

* Heat the ghee in a pan and add the cardamoms, cloves, peppercorns and cinnamon and sauté for a few seconds.

* Add the rice after you drain the water and sauté it for a minute.

* Add two tsp of water to the sugar and caramelize it and pour into the rice.

* Mix it well. Add salt and four cups of water and cover and cook till the rice is done and serve with the dhansak dal.

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