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Vomedh’s Rangmanch stages “Mein Mujraim Nahin Par Mein Hi Hoon”
Posted 28 Aug 2018 01:27 PM

Jammu, Aug 25: Vomedh’s Rangmanch’s play “Mein Mujraim Nahin Par Mein Hi Hoon” staged at Abhinav here, today, came out as a sensitive take on the ’empty nest’ syndrome, which has become a reality in tier two cities wherein the new generation is heading for metros in search of jobs and leaving behind old parents to fend for themselves.
Directed by Rohit Bhat and written by Rakesh Roshan Bhat, the play’s plot inspired by a real life incident is woven around an old lady living alone in a small city and is found dead in her house. Her son, who works in a big city, is interrogated by police but is allowed to take the dead bod as the old lady had died a natural death. The plot takes a turn when the son files a petition in the court seeking punishment for himself as the killer of his mother. The public prosecutor pleads for dismissal of the petition saying that such a frivolous case cannot be admitted.
However the judge admits the plea but decides to hear the petition as an ordinary person rather than a judge. In the ensuing arguments it is brought out how parents are themselves responsible for such a plight due to their own ambitions for a bright future for their children.
The play ends on a positive note. The son vents out his frustration and washes away his guilt while the judge and other people also feel sad for the fast changing social scenario.
The cast and included Jetinder Jotshi as Advocate, Vinay Pandit as Judge, Puneet Bali as Son, Rajni Bhatti as Sangeeta, Rahul Pandita as Constable Verma, Himagni Moza as Unnati, Shivam Koul as Inspector Gupta, Anil Langeh as constable, Aayush Bhat as Bailiff and King C Bharati as an old Kashmiri Pandit.
Costumes were by Bharati Koul, music by Tsewang Dorje, props by Varsha Pandita and Chhaya Pandita, makeup by Shammi Dhamir, Publicity Pankaj Handoo, Organiser JK Bali, host Kusum Tickoo, lights by Pankaj and Lokesh Ji.
Dr Sandeep Mawa (Chairman J&K Reconciliation Front) was the Chief Guest on the occasion, Kiran Watal as Guest of Honor while Veena Wanchoo presented vote of thanks. Prominent guests include TK Ganjoo and Ramesh Hangloo.

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