Pinterest top beauty trends 2018: From purple eyeshadow to ash-coloured hair, here’s what’s hot -
Pinterest top beauty trends 2018: From purple eyeshadow to ash-coloured hair, here’s what’s hot
Posted 30 Aug 2018 03:06 PM

Pinterest released a report on the best beauty trends and while last year, neon eyeshadows, slicked-back hair and geometric nails were huge, this year it is all about artistic make-up and unusual hair colours. Korean beauty trends have risen by 36 per cent, and braided hairstyles have made a comeback in the US.

The 2018 Global Beauty Report examined around eight billion beauty ideas and 207 million beauty boards. Here are the biggest beauty trends from around the world.

Hair trends
Braids have become one of the most popular pins in the US with a rise of 445 per cent. Even Brazil and South Africa prefer to go for different styles of braided hairstyles like braided buns and boxer braids. Meanwhile, women in Germany like to keep it short and chic with pixie cuts and French ladies go for the more elegant and classic hair buns.

When it comes to hair colours, Japanese women like to go for shades of ash, while Mexico and Australia like to opt for red and pink respectively.
Eye make-up
When it comes to eyeshadows, purple has topped the list in the United States, but in other parts of the world, metallics are heavily searched. In the UK, silver saw a rise of 334 per cent and gold in Australia by 188 per cent. South African pinners went for cat-eyes, while Spanish liked it subtle yet elegant with ‘Russian volume’ eyelash extensions. Green in Germany and blue in Mexico were the most popular pins.
rt is an integral part of France and it reflects in their make-up too – according to Pinterest, artistic make-up trend rose by 88 per cent. Meanwhile, Japanese women searched for shades of orange blush instead of pink. Glitter make-up were the most popular in Argentina and wine-coloured lipstick were pinned a lot in Brazil.
Nail colours
The search for ombre nails is up by 88 per cent in the US, marble coloured nails by 31 per cent in Australia and sculpted nails by 74 per cent in Argentina. Japan likes to keep it subtle with nuance nails, while Brazil prefers to create their own nail art by using DIY nail stickers and South Africans like to go glam with glitter nails.

Spain likes to go for different colours on each nail and Mexico too likes a variety of shades. Nude, red and white are the top three nails colours that people searched followed by darker shades of black and blue.

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